Choosing the Right Plantation Shutters for Your Home's Windows

28 July 2021
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

If you've been weighing up your options for window shutters and have decided to go with plantation shutters, you're probably a big fan of the Southern-style homes in America. There's simply no window treatment that's more synonymous with Southern-style residential architecture than these shutters.

To get the most out of your plantation window shutters, you should keep in mind that everyone's situation is unique. Therefore, your home improvement project will require a personalised touch to execute properly. Here are some important considerations for installing plantation shutters on your residential windows.

Interior shutters versus exterior shutters

Shutters can either be installed on the inside or the outside of your residential windows, which is why they're broadly classified into two types: interior shutters and exterior shutters.

Which of the two is right for your home primarily depends on your home improvement goals. While both options provide privacy and allow for light control and airflow, exterior shutters are favoured for protecting windows from storm damage and adding kerb appeal to a home.

Interior shutters, on the other hand, are revered for their ability to influence the aesthetics of individual rooms while allowing people to open up their interior living space without stepping outside.

Real wood shutters versus non-wood shutters

Even though solid wood remains the gold standard of plantation shutters, today's homeowners have more material options to choose from than ever before. Some of the common wood alternatives include faux wood, vinyl and aluminium. Each shutter material has specific pros and cons that must be looked into before making a purchase decision.

For example, wood shutters offer great strength and durability, but they're prone to moisture damage and can be on the expensive side. Vinyl shutters are the least expensive option and have excellent moisture resistance, but they can't hold a candle to the rustic beauty of real wood. To achieve the look and feel of real wood without the high risk of moisture damage, consider using faux wood shutters.

Off-the-shelf versus custom-made shutters

Plantation shutters are available as ready-made products that come in standard shapes and sizes, but they can also be made-to-measure to fit your oddly shaped or irregularly sized window. Which type of shutters you choose will depend on the shape and dimensions of the windows you have.

With that said, it's important to note that the proper design and installation of your plantation window shutters is crucial for getting the most out of your investment. Feel free to talk to home improvement experts if you need further guidance on which plantation shutters to choose from your home's windows.