5 Reasons to Use Seasonal Flower Arrangements in Your Home

12 September 2022
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

There's nothing like putting up a few flower arrangements to give your home a sense of natural beauty and freshness, but not all arrangements are created equal. While you can find all kinds of available flowers from florists, there are plenty of reasons to go for seasonal flowers and change things up throughout the year as different species come into bloom.

Here are just five great reasons to go seasonal.

1. Boldest Appearance and Scent

Seasonal flowers can be cut right when they're at their best and then sold very soon afterwards. Since they are fresher, these flowers will be at their biggest and boldest, and they'll also have a strong and vibrant scent. In contrast, flowers that are out of season will have been shipped from afar or had their stems cut and held in cold storage. As such, they simply won't have the same beautiful appearance and scent.

2. Longer Life

It's always sad to see a beautiful arrangement start to fade, but you can extend its life by choosing seasonal flowers. As noted above, flowers with short growing seasons need to be held in cold storage or shipped in. This doesn't just impact their appearance and scent – it also means they tend to fade and wilt a lot faster than flowers that haven't been through that process.

3. Lower Costs

Flower arrangements can make a huge difference to your home, but it's still always nice to enjoy their beauty and scent without paying more than you'd like. One way to save is by opting for seasonal flowers. When a particular flower is in bloom within the same region, supply increases and prices go down. Additionally, the lack of cold storage costs means florists can price seasonal flowers lower than other types of flowers.

4. Better for the Environment

It's always worth taking environmental considerations into account, and seasonal flowers are much better in this regard. Since they will be in season in your area, they won't need to have been transported as far, which saves on fuel costs. The fact they don't need to be put in cold storage also helps reduce their carbon footprint, and by going seasonal you'll be more likely to support flowers that grow naturally in your area but are often overlooked.

5. More Meaningful

Finally, keep in mind that only being able to have certain flowers at a certain time of year is going to make you value each seasonal arrangement all the more. While being able to have whatever you want whenever you want sounds nice, it's much more meaningful to see your home flower arrangements change with the seasons and far more rewarding when your favourites are back in bloom.

For more information, reach out to a local florist.