The Accessory You Should Always Pair With Your Swimming Pool

24 March 2021
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Swimming pools are one of the most beloved and common additions to any house in Australia, especially for families who have smaller kids that love swimming. There are many safety features you should be aware of when buying a swimming pool, such as government-mandated fences and numerous exits, but something that is not often talked about is protection from the elements. Shade sails are the best way to keep your family safer from all types of elements when they are enjoying the pool, and they do this without imposing too much on the atmosphere of your pool and backyard.

What Are Shade Sails?

Shade sails are large pieces of specially manufactured fabric (there are some that look more like plastic than fabric but this depends on what you are looking for) that generally come in a three-sided shape, much like a sail. They are then strung up, above the pool on large poles so that they do not feel like a traditional awning or indoor area. This stops the sun and, depending on what type of shade sails you choose, the rain and hail as well. If you want an open-aired solution to prevent your kids from getting sunburnt without stopping them from using the pool, shade sails are the best choice. 

How Strong Are They?

While shade sails might be made out of fabric, this is not just any cotton or polyester blend. They are made from extremely tough materials and can contain different amounts of plastics and synthetic materials to ensure that they do not mould or rot away. Shade sails can last for years with very little maintenance, and if you do need to take them down or replace them for whatever reason, it is quite simple to do so. However, it is better to pick a shade sail type that you will not have to replace quickly, so make sure you do your research.

Will They Fit in the Backyard?

No matter how small (or big) your backyard is, a shade sail can be made to fit in it. Because they only need to connect to the three poles to have a firm anchor, you can virtually put shade sails anywhere that you have space for the aforementioned poles. These poles can be quite small too, depending on the size of your shade sails, and do not necessarily have to be the same height either, making it very easy to choose shade sails if that is what you want. 

Contact a local shade sail supplier to get more information.