How to Select The Most Suitable Awnings For The Patio

20 November 2020
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Buying awnings for your patio or deck can easily transform your home's appearance and enable you to use this space at any time. For instance, when it's hot, you can choose to sit on the patio and enjoy your meal from outdoors or relax as you enjoy the shade provided by the awning.

You can also spend time outdoors when it rains if you install the rain awnings. As such, it's important to buy the right awnings to enjoy these benefits and more. This post will share tips on how to pick the best awnings for your patio.

Choose the material

One of the primary things you need to consider is the awning material that will be ideal for your application. Different materials offer diverse looks, have varied maintenance requirements, and their longevity also differs, so ensure you know your options before making the decision.

Presently, there are two popular materials you can consider: aluminium and fabric. Fabrics come in various forms, colours, and patterns and will offer excellent protection from the sun. Aluminium materials are known for being sturdy and long-lasting, but they aren't customisable when it comes to colour and design. Also, you will need to decide if you'll opt for a motorised or manually operated awning.

Check the size and shape of the patio

Another aspect that needs your attention is the size and shape of the patio. These dimensions will determine the awning design and size. Ideally, the awning should not extend past the deck — it has to fit perfectly on the patio. You should also decide if you will cover the entire patio or a part of it so the experts can know the size of the awning they'll design.

Determine the suitable type

Currently, awnings come in various forms, with the basic ones being stationary and retractable awnings. The latter can sometimes be rolled up to allow you to gain maximum sunlight whenever the cold season sets it.

But, you have to remember those retractable awnings shouldn't be exposed to strong winds, heavy rains, or snow, so when the bad weather sets in, they must be retracted to ensure the material doesn't get damaged. This also boosts its longevity and makes maintenance easier.

Stationary awnings are ideal for those who have small patio space or do not spend a lot of time outdoors. These awnings cannot be retracted, so they are usually made of high-quality material that can withstand environmental elements and unfriendly weather conditions. Besides, these awnings are stylish, so they'll enhance aesthetics and the house's value.

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