Find the Right Blinds for Your Home With Some Simple Tips

8 August 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

When it comes to shopping for blinds, it's sometimes tempting to choose the first ones you see. However, if you want yours to act as a worthy investment that make a valuable contribution to your house for years to come, blind selection isn't a process you should rush. Providing you take the right approach, you can make life logistically easier, save money, and more.

How big is the room?

One of the first choices you'll face when it comes to blind placement is whether they go inside or outside the window recess. Even if you prefer seeing your blinds outside the recess, you might want to reconsider if the room is small. Placing them outside will dwarf the environment, leaving the room feeling even smaller. As a side note, finding blinds that fit inside the recess also allows you to place curtains over them later.

What is the room's function?

If you're fitting blinds in a kitchen or bathroom, opt for roller blinds that come with moisture-resistant layers. Fighting for moisture is crucial if you want to prevent mold or damp-related stains. Other rooms that come with special considerations when choosing blinds include:

  • Children's rooms: Opt for blinds with a spring mechanism rather than a cord for safety purposes.
  • Living rooms: Any room that sees a lot of use may benefit from Venetian blinds, as you can easily adjust them to let the light in.
  • Bedrooms: Try blackout blinds, as they will help you maintain a good sleep rhythm on long days or if you're a shift worker.

In some instances, you may want to choose your blinds to match your accessibility levels. For example, if you envision that leaning in to close them isn't suitable in the long term, consider blinds with long cords or electronic controls.

Do you want to save energy?

If you want to invest in blinds that pay for themselves in terms of energy savings, look for certain features. Rooms that heat up because the sun shines into them throughout the day will benefit from blinds with aluminium linings. They bounce the sun in the other direction, which in turn stops your HVAC system from fighting against its rays. Additionally, you can opt for blinds that feature honeycombing. Honeycomb blinds trap both cool and hot air to stop it from escaping, which can keep both your air conditioning and central heating bills low.

After conducting some research, you'll feel confident in choosing the right blinds for your property. If you still feel stuck, ask a professional for advice