Why Concrete Tiles are Perfect for Kitchens

23 July 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Concrete is well known as a construction material, used widely both in buildings and on public paths. What you might never have thought about, however, is how useful a material is could be in your home.

Forget the plain, industrial-looking poured concrete you're used to seeing, though. Concrete tiles are the way to go when you want to use the material indoors, and your kitchen is a great room in which to use it. Here are the reasons concrete tiles are the perfect addition to your new kitchen design.

They're resistant to water and stains

Concrete is normally porous, which you might have noticed when you've seen it used for paving slabs or on industrial flooring. When it's sold in the form of tiles, however, concrete is usually treated with a water-resistant coating. Once concrete tiles are sealed, water won't soak into them and any food that would normally cause a stain can be wiped off easily.

This property makes concrete tiles an excellent choice for any part of the kitchen, whether it's used as flooring or to create a backsplash area behind the stove. You could even tile an entire wall if you wanted to, without worrying that it will get damp or stained.

They're staggeringly varied

You might be thinking of concrete as a dull, unattractive material that won't do much for your kitchen's aesthetic appeal. But it's actually incredibly versatile, and concrete tiles are available in a huge range of styles and colours.

Whatever look you're trying to achieve in your kitchen, you'll find concrete tiles to match. There are even designs that mimic more expensive materials like marble, so you can get an effect you wouldn't otherwise be able to afford.

They're hygienic

The seal that keeps out liquids also means there's nowhere for bacteria to nestle in and breed within concrete tiles. They not only look clean when you've wiped them down; they also have a great level of real cleanliness.

Hygiene is extremely important in a kitchen, so your tiles should play a part in keeping your food and family safe.

They're durable and long lasting

Kitchens are rooms where heavy cookware and other items are sometimes dropped on the floor or bashed against walls, which can lead to costly damage. Concrete tiles are tougher than ceramic and other materials, so they're less likely to crack or chip when you're less than careful in the kitchen. When you use them in the busy parts of your kitchen, they'll keep looking good for longer.