Why You Need Louvres for Your Bedroom Windows

25 June 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

If there is a part of the house that most pay attention to is their bedrooms. This is because bedrooms are considered as rooms whereby one can have privacy. It is therefore important to give the windows in this area a unique touch so that they remain outstanding. Below are some of the reasons why you need to install louvres for your bedroom windows.

You Can Control the Wind Direction

There are levers that are usually moved to close or open the louvres.  The windows can be tilted in a vertical or horizontal position. When wind comes through the blades, they will go the direction they are led to follow. This means that you can position the openings as you deem fit. You can direct the wind to your face or to the ceiling. If the wind is too much, you can simply close the window all together.

They Come in Different Materials

Did you know that louvres can be made from glass or aluminium? This gives you a vast choice to make. You can have the windows tinted so that no one can see you in the bedroom. Aluminium is durable and cannot be broken by impacts of hard objects such as stones. You can apply special coats on the aluminium blades so that they have an appealing look. The colour you choose to apply will depend on your preference or the interior décor.

They Can Be Powered for Auto Control

You can have your louvres electrically powered so to give you an option of controlling them remotely. Sometimes you may be tired to get up from your bed but feel the urge to open or shut down the windows. Consult with the structural engineers if you have such a provision created when you are building your house.  You can still upgrade your current window for electrical control.

Cleaning the Panes Is Easy

Other types of windows are quite stressful to clean because they require special attention and specific cleaning agents. The levers are used to move the louvres and make is easy for you to wipe the blades. You simply have to change the position of the blades so that you carry out the procedure diligently. You can clean the windows from an external or internal position.

Additionally, louvres also enhance your privacy since they prevent direct vision into your bedroom. This ensures that no one can see you when you are sleeping or dressing up.