3 Benefits of Using a Gutter Guard for Home Guttering

11 May 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Home guttering is a must have for many homeowners. In addition to helping move rainwater away from the roof line, guttering also helps prevent washout and erosion around the home. What you may not know is that your roofline can still be damaged, even with home guttering in place. In order to reduce the chances of roofline and guttering damage, you may want to use a gutter guard. Here are three ways a gutter guard can help your protect your guttering and roofline. 

Reducing Clogging

One of the biggest issues with guttering is having leaves and other debris get caught. If one stick gets caught in the guttering, it can back up leaves and other debris easily. This will trap water, cause mould and cause pulling on the roofline. Though you still have to clean out your guttering with a gutter guard, the guard can help reduce the larger pieces of debris entering the gutter. You will still need to clean the guard and gutter routinely

Reducing Freezing

During colder weather conditions, water that is trapped in the guttering with clogged leaves can freeze. The frozen water can cause the guttering to pull and be weighed down. This weight can pull on the guttering attachment and screws as well as the roofline. As the screws are pulled from the roofline, it cracks the roofline and can lead to water damage and wood rot. A gutter guard can help reduce the chances of freezing by filtering leaves and debris and allowing only water to enter the guttering. Then the water can move through the gutter easily to prevent freezing.

Reduced Fire Hazards

If you live in an area where brush fires and related issues are possible, then gutter guards may help. The gutter guards' main job is to help prevent debris from getting into the guttering and clogging the gutter system. Since the debris is not in the guttering and building up, it helps reduce the chance of fire sparking the leaves in the guttering and causing a house fire. This is especially helpful if flying embers from brush fires may enter the guttering near the treeline. 

These are only three of the benefits of using a gutter guard for your home guttering. If you think a gutter guard may help your guttering and reduce possible damage to your roofline, contact your local roofing contractor. They can help you choose the style of gutter guard that is right for your needs and install the gutter guard you choose.