Four Reasons to Cover Your School's Playground with a Shade Sail

20 April 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Most schools for younger pupils have small playgrounds where kids can burn off some excess energy and enjoy themselves during breaks. Of course, all that running around in the heat can be bad for them, and kids might just tire themselves out without thinking about getting exhausted by the sun, so you should really think about fitting some kind of shade.

Here are just four reasons why shade sails are the right choice for your school's playground.

1. Protects from the Sun Without Trapping Heat

Shade sails are ideal for keeping the worst of the heat off your students. They cover an area to provide cooler spots, and you can buy shades that block out UV rays to protect against sunburn. Better yet, shade sails do all this without trapping heat. Unlike some more permanent structures, they are completely open on all sides, so ventilation is excellent. Even with a whole bunch of kids running around and playing underneath them, things won't likely get too hot.

2. Bright and Fun Design Options

If you're adding something to a children's playground, you want to make sure it looks fun. Shade sails fit the bill since you can you have them in lots of different vibrant colours, making your outside play area more attractive as well as safer. You can even choose to brand the sail with your school's logo or colours. And, unlike other shade structures, shade sails can be taken down, washed, and returned looking good as new, so your shade structure isn't going to start looking dingy and worn in a year or two.

3. Low Upfront Cost

Most schools need to be economical with their expenses, so building a fixed structure to shade the school playground may not be economically feasible. Erecting a shade sail is much easier on the finances. The sails themselves are relatively inexpensive, and all you need to hold them up is a few support masts. You'll save on both materials and labour.

4. Hard to Damage

Finally shade sails are hard to permanently damage. The fabric is relatively strong, and it's impossible for kids to even reach it from the ground. The only thing that can be knocked about, scratched, or drawn on are the supporting masts, and they're made of such tough metal that very little damage can be done. You won't come in one day to find graffiti all over the sides, either – there are no sides to damage.