How to Spruce Up a Home's Exterior

3 January 2018
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Never overlook your home's curb appeal or exterior appearance, as improving the look of your home from the outside can actually increase its resale value and create a more inviting space where you can relax and unwind. Note a few tips on how you can improve your home's overall exterior and make it look its best without having to perform a complete exterior renovation.

Trim work

Take a look at your home from across the street or any such short distance, and note the trim work. Does the trim of the home stand out and provide a nice contrast to the home's exterior, or does the trim simply blend in with the home's overall appearance? Painting the trim under the roof and around the windows and doors, along with porch columns and other such features, can add more visual interest to the home's exterior and make it more attractive overall.


Consider the front and back porches of your home, and their overall condition. Timber slats that are faded and worn should be patched and then painted so they look new. If the porches are made of poured concrete, fill in any chips and cracks, and then also have these surfaces painted or stained. If the porch railing is outdated and rundown, replace it with something new and eye-catching, such as thick wood pieces or wrought iron bars, or even glass panels for a modern look.


A few sparse bushes around the home's exterior probably won't do much to enhance your overall space, so take an honest evaluation of your home's landscaping and note where it might be improved. Choose thick shrubbery if you have a large home with long spans of plain exterior walls, or opt for flowering bushes if your home is a plain white and could use some splashes of colour. Be sure you fill out flowerbeds and other such areas with mulch and a border of some sort so your landscaping really stands out.


A large home with long spans of walls may need more than just landscaping to make this exterior area attractive, so consider adding awnings to the windows. Awnings can break up the look of those long, dull walls and provide a type of anchor for the windows. They can also be very colourful and give the home some style and personality. Larger awnings can also be installed over a deck or patio area to provide shade and comfort, also making your outdoor space more relaxing and inviting.