7 Signs You Need Awnings for Your Home or Business

25 August 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Awnings provide an extra bit of shade to your windows, doorways and outside areas. Wondering if it's time to invest in awnings? Here are seven signs that you should consider it.

1. Your Furniture or Carpet Near the Windows Is Faded

The harsh UV rays from the sun can fade your carpet and the fabric of your possessions. To avoid that, you need to add extra shade. An awning can help. It cuts off the highest rays from the sun and stops them from hitting your furniture or other fabrics.

2. You Are Tired of Keeping the Shades Closed

In other cases, your furniture may not be faded because you may already be diligent about keeping your blinds or shades shut. However, that can make life a little dim and dreary. If you're looking for a happy medium, awnings may be something to consider.

They cut off the sun's rays when it's streaming in from above, and that reduces the direct sunlight into your home. However, the blinds and curtains aren't closed, and that allows the ambient light from outside to come in. It's the best of both worlds and a great compromise for people who want light but not the intensity of direct rays.

3. Your Energy Bills Are Too High

When you have the sun streaming into your house, that raises the temperature in your house. As a result, you typically have to run your AC a lot more, and that can driving up your energy bills. When you use awnings to cut out the direct rays as explained above, that prevents the house from heating up and that helps keep your bills lower.

4. You Need Rain Cover by Your Front Door

Awnings work on windows as well as doors. If you don't have a covered entryway, you may want to add an awning. That gives you a bit of shield from rain or other weather elements which can be useful as you are juggling your bags and trying to find the keys for your front door.

5. You Want Cover Over a Patio

You can even put up large awnings over patios. That makes these outdoor spaces more comfortable and inviting in all kinds of weather. You can enjoy shade on super hot days or have a bit of respite from a rain storm. If you want flexibility, you may want to consider a retractable awning for this area.

6. You Want a Pop of Colour on Your Home's Exterior

Although awnings are extremely helpful, they aren't just functional. They are also decorative. You can go for a subtle effect, or you can use them to add a compelling contrast to your home's current colour.

If you want a subtle aesthetic effect, choose awnings in the same colour but a shade lighter or darker than your home. If you want contrast, grab a colour wheel and pick the colour that's opposite your home's existing colour.

7. You Want Help Branding Your Business

When it comes to commercial properties, awnings offer all of the advantages outlined above: extra shade, energy savings, and aesthetic value. However, they also give you an extra spot to brand your business. You can put your company name, phone number and logo on your awnings.

That can work for small window awnings, but it can also work for big awnings over entrways. In those cases, the awning actually sticks out and can help make you more visible to foot traffic. If you like, it's even possible to get back lit awnings for even more visibility.

To learn more about awnings or to get a quote for your home or business, contact an awning specialist today.