How to Choose the Right Outdoor Blinds For Your Home

8 August 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Outdoor blinds can make an enclosed porch or patio very comfortable, offering you shade from hot summertime sun as well as some privacy from nearby neighbours. The right blinds can also reduce the amount of rain and wind that reaches your patio or porch so you can still relax and cook outside, even when the weather isn't optimal. When you're in the market for blinds for any exterior space, note a few simple but very important features and details to consider to ensure you come home with the right blinds for your outdoor needs.

Trapped heat and cooking

If you enjoy sitting outside on the warmest of summer days or if you cook outdoors, you'll want fabric blinds with a loose weave that allows for maximum airflow to keep the space cool. Choose a fabric that allows light to pass through, as this means it will also allow heat to escape and fresh air to circulate, keeping your space from getting overly warm.

If you cook in that outdoor space, fabric might not be a good option, as it may be a fire hazard and might also get dirty from food splatter. PVC and vinyl aren't the best alternatives, as these dense materials also trap heat; instead, opt for bamboo blinds, as this wood won't easily conduct heat. Bamboo blinds also have a more natural look than PVC or vinyl, so they may be the most attractive choice overall.


PVC, vinyl and bamboo are usually better materials for tropical areas or the desert, as they won't shred or fade in high winds or hot sunlight. However, PVC and vinyl may get very brittle and tend to crack in areas with extreme cold, so fabric and bamboo blinds are the better option in colder climates.

Colour and pattern

Don't underestimate the importance of a nice colour or pattern for your outdoor blinds. Large stripes can add personality and style to the space, whereas white blinds can work as a backdrop for your landscaping or patio furniture without clashing with the decor. Black or slate grey are both good for modern homes with lots of glass, but they may clash with colourful rosebushes and other such flowers.

Consider, too, your property's fence; black blinds might clash with a wood fence, whereas tan blinds might clash with a black mesh fence. Keep in mind the colours of your home's exterior, landscaping, fence, furniture and all other outdoor items when choosing blinds to ensure your exterior pieces coordinate and complement each other