Choosing Accessories for Your Home's Glass Shower Screen

29 July 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

A glass shower screen is a great choice for just about any bathroom, as the glass will open up the space and keep it from looking boxy and closed-in. You also won't need to change the screen when you change paint colours and linens in the bathroom, as you would need to do with a shower curtain.

When you do have a shower screen installed, you'll need to choose the accessories for it, including the frame, hinges, and handle. Note a few tips on how to find the best choices for the accessories needed for your new shower screen:


A frameless shower screen is good for the very smallest and very largest of bathroom areas; in a small bathroom, a frame can make the space seem very crowded and cluttered. In a large bathroom, the size of frame or frames that would be needed to support the glass can make the shower area look crowded and busy. Frameless is also good if you know your taste in decor often changes, as the metal you choose for a frame now might soon seem outdated as the years go by and your style adjusts.

A semi-frame or very small frame is good for a smaller bathroom, and a fully framed screen is good for bringing in a modern look to your bath. It's also good if the bathroom seems a bit empty, as the metal can add visual interest that is otherwise lacking in a drab bathroom space.

Hinges and handles

If you choose a screen with a door, you'll need to choose its hardware as well. Opt for oversized hinges and handles if you want more visual interest around the shower screen; these can coordinate with the metal of your towel bars and other such accessories, and create a finished look in the room. Oversized hardware is also good in smaller or darker bathrooms, as shiny chrome or aluminium will reflect more light and brighten that space.

If someone in the home has balance issues or physical limitations that cause them to move a bit more slowly and cautiously, choose a soft close hinge. This hinge doesn't allow the door to swing freely but provides some resistance as the hinge closes, slowing down the door's movement. In turn, it's less likely to hit or bump someone who is getting into the shower, and they won't need to balance themselves and hold the door at the same time, reducing the risk of falls and injury in the shower.

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