Where You Might Need Custom Curtains In Your Home

24 July 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Having curtains custom made isn't always as expensive as you might assume, and this can be a good solution for when you can't find the right window treatments for a certain room in your home. You might even need custom curtains for areas other than windows! Consider a few reasons why and a few places where you might consider custom curtains in your home.

Bold wallpaper

Bold wallpaper can make a room very unique and stylish, but it can also be impossible to find curtains that match those walls. Even solid curtains in the same colour tone can easily clash or seem out of place against a bold and strong pattern, and then ruin the look of the entire room.

To have custom curtains made for the space, take a swatch of the wallpaper to a curtain maker, and they can then dye curtain fabrics to coordinate perfectly. They can often even repeat the pattern or something similar in the curtains as well.

Matching headboard

In a bedroom, you may want curtains that exactly match the fabric used for a padded headboard. A custom curtain maker may be able to order that same fabric, or use the fabric you provide, and then add a backing or otherwise tailor it to make curtains for the room.

For awkward windows

Custom windows may need custom curtains to fit; this can mean an oversized window, a rounded window, or even a bay window. A curtain maker can tailor fabric to match any size and shape, and also create curtains that make smaller windows look bigger, or which cover large windows without seeming heavy or formal.

Spaces other than windows

Curtains can be used in the home for more than covering windows; for example, if your children share a room, you might have a curtain installed down the middle of the room, so they each have some privacy. Such a curtain might be needed if a room in your home serves double duty, such as a living room that has a desk at one end. Installing a thick curtain between these spaces can mean privacy for someone working at the desk.

Curtains can also be used in place of closet or pantry doors, to add softness to a space. However, it's good to have these curtains custom made, as any fabric in the kitchen should be very stain resistant. A curtain across your bedroom closet should also coordinate with the linens in the room, while also being easy to open and close when you need to access the closet.