Signs It's Time to Invest in a Self-Storage Unit

24 July 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

A self-storage unit is a good choice for anyone who wants to downsize to a smaller home or apartment without giving up any of their stuff. However, you don't need to wait until you're moving to take advantage of such a unit. Note a few times it might be good to invest in a self-storage unit for some of your stuff, and how these units can be beneficial to you and your family and to your belongings as well.

You and your spouse or family argue over how much stuff is in the house

If you and your spouse or anyone else in the home tend to argue about all the things that are underfoot, investing in a self-storage unit can help to keep the peace in the home. Rather than having a daily fight about someone not being able to get into the garage because of all the sporting goods inside, you can sort those by season and store the off-season items in a self-storage unit. If you argue over closet space, do the same for off-season clothes and accessories. Whatever the items in the home that always seem to cause friction, getting them organized and moving them to a unit can mean reducing those arguments and finally having some peace between family members or roommates.

There have been break-ins in the neighbourhood

A self-storage unit can actually offer more protection for your valuables than your family home. These units typically have metal fences that are difficult to climb, secured gates and 24-hour monitoring. Most units don't have windows that can be broken for entry by a thief, and cutting the thick padlock you would use on the unit door is also very difficult. To keep valuables secure in an unsafe neighbourhood, keep them in a self-storage unit.

Items get damaged in the home

If you don't properly organize and store your sporting goods, off-season clothes, tools and the like, these things can easily get damaged. Those tools and sporting goods can get broken from someone bumping into them with the car or from falling off a crowded shelf in the garage. Your off-season clothes can get mildewed, eaten by moths, etc. If your home lacks proper storage for these types of things, putting them in sturdy rubber or plastic totes and then storing them in a storage unit that isn't exposed to heat and humidity can protect them. You'll then need to do far fewer repairs to those items or have to toss them out if they're damaged beyond salvaging.