Securing Your Home Means More Than Just Locking the Doors

24 July 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

Having strong, durable, updated locks on your home's front and back doors is one of the best ways of improving your home security, and of reducing the risk of a home invasion or burglary. However, the front and back doors are not the only places in the home that should be locked; note some other places that could benefit from new or upgraded locks and how these locks can better secure your home and valuables.

Bedroom door

Many homes have locks on the bedroom doors, and these can certainly keep a family member from accidentally walking in on someone changing. However, these locks that only work from inside the bedroom don't protect your jewellery and other such items when you leave in the morning! Upgrading to a keyed lock for the door handle can protect valuables in the room if your home is broken into and save at least some of your property from being stolen.

Basement door

If you keep valuable items in the basement, such as a nice tool collection, artwork you have stored away, or cash you keep in a lockbox, adding a strong lock on the basement door can be a good idea. Note, too, that a finished basement with electronics, computers, and other such equipment should also be locked. As with a lock on the bedroom door, this can keep out potential thieves and protect those valuables from being stolen.

Entertainment cabinet

If you have a nice television and other such electronics in the living room or family room, you might consider investing in an entertainment cabinet with doors that lock. Solid wood doors can hide those electronics, and secure locks on this cabinet can slow down or stop a thief. If you prefer a cabinet with glass doors, choose toughened safety glass that is nearly impossible to break. This will add a layer of security to those electronics and reduce the risk of them being stolen.

Enclosed patio or sunroom

Note the security of an enclosed patio or sunroom, and especially if you keep a grill or expensive furniture in this space. Opt for a thick screen with small mesh for the space, as this is more difficult to cut open, and upgrade the lock on the door to something strong and durable. This will protect the items you have in that space from being stolen and, if the space is adjoined to the home, will mean less risk of someone using that porch as a means to break into the home.