4 Factors You Should Consider Before Ordering Custom Curtains

18 July 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

You should not restrict yourself to only thinking about the fabric type, length, width and colour when you are ordering custom curtains. This article discusses some other considerations you should put in mind as you decide what the attributes of your custom curtains should be.

Full or Flat

The amount of material that will be used to make your custom curtains will depend on whether you would like those curtains to be full or you want them to be flat. Flat curtains are curtains that stretch over the area that you want to cover without having any folded material (pleats) across the covered space. Full curtains are made using wider pieces of fabric than would be necessary to cover the space (windows, for example). The extra material folds over itself when you close the curtains. Which of these styles appeals to you?

Lining or No Lining

Curtain lining refers to the thinner fabric that is sewn onto the back of the curtain fabric that you have selected. Lining serves several purposes, such as giving the curtains a high-end appeal and increasing the stability of those curtains in case wind can blow where the curtains have been installed. You should therefore make up your mind regarding whether you would like the curtains to have a lining or they shouldn't.

Method of Support

Curtains can be installed or supported in different ways. For example, they can be installed on automated tracks that ease their opening and closing. You can also opt to install your custom curtains on a pipe batten. It is advisable for you to have your preferred method of support in mind as you order the custom curtains. That information will enable the person making the curtains to make a provision for that chosen support mechanism.

Extra Features

Are there any other attributes that you would like your custom curtains to have? For instance, some people may wish to buy curtains that are made from flame-resistant materials. The time to select those features is when you are planning to specify what you want. Those extra features may even dictate the types of fabrics that you can select from. Discussing those additional features with your chosen supplier can therefore guide you on how other aspects of your curtains will need to be adjusted if necessary.

You can use two methods to generate a list of specifications for your custom curtains. First, you can consider what your current curtains failed to do for you. This can help you to select features that can address those unmet needs. Alternatively, you can discuss your needs with an experienced curtain maker so that he or she can suggest all the possible features that would be useful to your application.