Custom Home Builder: Additions to Consider for Your Deck

15 February 2017
 Categories: Home & Garden, Blog

A deck is one of the most common architectural elements homeowners will gravitate toward when looking to create an outdoor living space. However, once you have the deck constructed, you would have to consider options that would not only enhance the aesthetics of your deck, but would also make it highly functional as a living space. Knowing what you need can help in whittling down your choices so that your deck enhancements are cost effective. Below are some of the additions that you could consider for your decking.

Privacy screening

If you live in a cul de sac, one of the more important considerations to have would be your privacy when spending time on your deck. This is particularly essential if your deck is constructed opposite a busy street or in clear view from your neighbours' properties. There are a number of options that you could consider to enhance the privacy of your deck. One of the more economical options would be canvas shade sails as these not only provide you with privacy but can also protect you from the elements. If you would prefer something that is more rustic, you may want to consider lattice screens. These are ideal for areas that experience a considerable amount of hot weather throughout the year as the latticework facilitates ventilation in your deck. Moreover, you could plant climbing vines on the lattice screens to enhance the privacy of your deck.

Border benches

Another important addition you may want to contemplate for your deck would be seating. Typically, homeowners will purchase outdoor furniture for their deck. However, if your deck is small, you may find that this furniture can take up a considerable amount of floor space and make your deck look cramped. If you would like to have the ability to host many people on your deck without compromising on available space, border benches would be an ideal choice. These benches are built right on the perimeter of the deck, which gives you a higher allowance of floor space.

Planter boxes

If your deck has taken up a significant portion of your yard, chances are there will not be much vegetation to enhance the attractiveness of your deck. Instead of leaving the deck bare, you could incorporate nature by opting for planter boxes. These provide you with a simple and convenient solution for flowers and other forms of vegetation. In addition, you can also use your planter boxes for a home garden to grow herbs and other plants that can come in handy in the kitchen.

Talk to a custom home builder for more ideas.