4 Houseplants For Those With Memory Problems

20 May 2020
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If you or a loved one has a health condition that affects memory, such as dementia, it can be challenging to remember to water houseplants and they will often wilt and die as a result. However, there are many benefits to having houseplants, such as improving the aesthetic of a room and brightening your mood. Opting for dry climate plants can allow you to continue enjoying the beauty of having plants in your home without worrying about remembering to water them every few days. Read More 

Why Choose Roller Blinds for Your Bedroom?

23 March 2020
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Although you will see roller blinds fitted in people's kitchens and bathrooms quite often, they are much less common in bedrooms. However, there is nothing to say that you have to stick to traditional curtains simply because you are dressing the window of a bedroom. Indeed, blinds of all kinds can be beneficial for the interior décor of a bedroom. In particular, the roller variety makes for a very practical choice. Read More 

Tips For Keeping Your Terrace Cooler

6 February 2020
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If you have a garden terrace, then the likelihood is that you will want to use it during the day. Most garden terraces in Australia are put to good use for family get-togethers or hosting a barbecue with friends. However, because most terraces are laid out with paving slabs, they can become exceptionally hot during the day. Not only do light coloured slabs reflect heat back upwards towards you, but they absorb energy, too. Read More 

The Pros of In-Floor Heating for Homes

9 January 2020
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Also referred to as underfloor heating, in-floor heating is the use of radiant heating systems located underneath the floor to heat up a house. The heat is transferred directly from the heat source to the floor and then reaches the people inside via infrared radiation.  If you are looking for a way to keep your home interior warm and comfortable on cold days, floor heating is a heating mode that you should consider. Read More 

3 Kitchen Essentials For Cooking Brain Food in Your Small Student Apartment

14 October 2018
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Just because many students live on instant noodles and delivery pizza when they start university, doesn't mean you have to as well. Aside from being more satisfying, eating nutritional and filling meals will also help keep your energy and focus up in class. Of course, to cook a good meal, you need good utensils and equipment—but most students can't fit a fully-stocked range in their cramped, shared kitchen. Thankfully, you don't need every utensil in the department store to cook well as a student. Read More